The Ultimate Chimney Buying Guide: Top 5 Picks

Chimneys are an essential part of any home, providing ventilation for smoke and gases from fireplaces, stoves, or furnaces. However, choosing the right chimney can be daunting given the variety of options available in the market. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about buying chimneys, including key considerations and our top 5 picks.

Key Considerations When Buying a Chimney:

  1. Type of Fuel: Consider the type of fuel your fireplace or stove uses. Different fuels produce varying amounts and types of combustion byproducts, which can impact the type of chimney you need.
  2. Chimney Material: Chimneys are commonly made from stainless steel, aluminum, or masonry (brick or stone). Each material has its pros and cons in terms of durability, cost, and maintenance requirements.
  3. Size and Height: The size and height of your chimney should be appropriate for the size of your heating appliance and comply with local building codes and regulations.
  4. Insulation: Insulated chimneys are more efficient in retaining heat and preventing condensation buildup, especially in colder climates. Consider whether you need single-wall or double-wall insulation.
  5. Installation: Chimney installation requires expertise. Ensure that you hire a certified professional to install your chimney correctly and safely.

Top 5 Chimneys:

  1. DuraVent DuraPlus Triple-Wall Chimney Pipe: This stainless steel chimney pipe is highly durable and suitable for wood stoves and fireplaces. Its triple-wall construction provides excellent insulation and safety.
  2. Selkirk Metalbestos Chimney System: Ideal for venting gas or oil appliances, this chimney system offers easy installation and maintenance. It’s made from corrosion-resistant materials for long-term durability.
  3. M & G DuraVent DuraTech Chimney System: Known for its versatility, this chimney system works with various heating appliances and comes with a twist-lock connection for secure assembly.
  4. Superior Clay Custom Masonry Chimney: For those preferring a traditional masonry chimney, Superior Clay offers customizable options with high-quality clay materials, providing a timeless and elegant look.
  5. ChimneyRX Masonry Chimney Water Repellent: While not a chimney itself, this water repellent is crucial for maintaining masonry chimneys’ integrity by protecting them from water damage and prolonging their lifespan.


When buying a chimney, consider factors such as fuel type, material, size, insulation, and professional installation. Our top 5 picks cater to various needs, whether you prefer stainless steel, masonry, or need specific features like insulation or corrosion resistance. Investing in a quality chimney ensures efficient ventilation and enhances the safety and longevity of your heating system.

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